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Area Co-ordinator :-  616 237 135.

We are a small band of friendly volunteers in Calpe.

We try to support those living in our area with advice and practical short term assistance, we also take people to hospital appointments but of course claim travel costs from the client.

We provide practical assistance by lending medical equipment for a small security deposit & hopefully we can give practical advice with peoples problems. We cannot give financial advice or provide nursing care, but will perhaps know someone who can help.

I have compiled a list of helpful contacts, and information on a variety of local services – this can be found  by clicking on the relevant menu item. Whilst this list is believed to be accurate, it do not constitute a recommendation from “HELP” of any one person or organisation.

If you find any of the information to be wrong please advise us via the feedback page.

Should an emergency occur you would not have time to access these web pages. We suggest that you print these pages and keep a copy handy.


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